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Special Track on
Knowledge and Cognitive Science and Technologies: KCST 2023©
in the context of
The 27th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2023©
September 12 - 15, 2023
Organized by IIIS
in Orlando, Florida, USA.
*** Submissions for VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION are now open ***

  Additional Reviewers

The following list of reviewers is for double-blind reviewing from which reviewers are selected at random for the review of each submission. The reviewers of this list ARE NOT for non-blind reviewing. Authors should not suggest any of the reviewers of this list as colleagues for the non-blind, non-anonymous, review of their articles, unless one of them is a colleague they know and the author contacted the reviewer BEFORE suggesting his/her name, as required for our two-tier reviewing methodology. A brief description of our two-tier reviewing methodology has been posted here.

A, Jose Anand (India) KCG College of Technology
Abbad, Muneer (Bahrain) Talal Abu Ghzaleh University College of Business
Abchiche-Mimouni, Nadia (France) University of Evry
Abd El-Aziem, Mostafa (Egypt) Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Abimbola, Kola (United Kingdom) University of Leicester
Aguilar Torres, Fernando J. (Spain) University of Almeria
Ahmad, Siti Zulaiha (Malaysia) Universiti Teknologi MARA - Perlis Branch
Ahmed, Rafi (United States) Oracle Corporation
Akhtar, Ajaz (Pakistan) D.H.Q. Hospital Faisalabad Pakistan
Akhtar, Zahid (Italy) University of Udine
Aksoy, M. S. (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Al Obaidy, Mohaned (Oman) Gulf College
Alakuþ, Ali Osman (Turkey) Dicle University
Albu, Rodica (Romania) Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
Alhaj, Salahideen (Kuwait) Arab American University
Almas Anjum, Muhammad (Pakistan) College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
Al-Radhi, Mohammed Salah (Hungary) Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Andrejkova, Gabriela (Slovakia) University in Kosice
Angeli, Chrissanthi (Greece) University of West Attica
Arous, Najet (Tunisia) Ecole Nationale d' Ingenieurs de Tunis
Arroyo Ulloa, Maximliano (Peru) Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Catholic University
Aruga, Masahiro (Japan) Tokai University
Ashoor, Asmaa Shaker (Iraq) University of Babylon
Ashraf, Mohd (India) Maulana Azad National Urdu University
Averbeck, Josh (United States) Western Illinois University
Badie, Farshad (Denmark) Aalborg University
Bae, Ihn-Han (South Korea) Catholic University of Daegu
Barkaline, Viatcheslav (Belarus) Belarusian National Technical University
Barros, Victor (Brazil) University of Minho
Basu, Saikat (Canada) University of Lethbridge
Bazzi, Ahmad (France) CEVA-DSP
Benis, Arriel (Israel) Clalit Research Institute
Bennacer, Nacéra (France) Supélec-E3S
Bensafi, Abd-el-Hamid (Algeria) Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen
Berke, József (Hungary) Dennis Gabor College
Bernardino, Jorge (Portugal) Institute of Engineering of Coimbra
Berndt, Dirk (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF
Bhatia, Komal Kumar (India) YMCA University of Science
Bhuvaneswaran, R. S. (India) Anna University
Bilal, Mohsin (Saudi Arabia) Umm Al Qura University
Bittencourt, Cleonice (Brazil) Universidade de Brasília
Bobulski, Janusz (Poland) Czestochowa University of Technology
Boenke, Dietmar (Germany) Reutlingen University
Bohl, Oliver (Germany) University of Kassel
Bojcetic, Nenad (Croatia) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Boulanger, Jean-Louis (France) CERTIFER
Brkic, Marija (Croatia) University of Rijeka
Brown, Frak (United States) Emory Universtiy School of Medicine
Brown, Joseph Alexander (Canada) University of Guelph
Camara, Boubacar (Nigeria) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Carrió-Pastor, María Luisa (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Carty, Nicola (United Kingdom) University of Glasgow
Challita, Khalil (Lebanon) Notre Dame University - Louaize
Chang, Bo (United States) Ball State University
Chavet, Cyrille (France) University of South Brittany
Chen, Cunjian (United States) West Virginia University
Chen, Hongzhi (United States) Michigan State University
Chen, Hsi-jen (Taiwan) National Cheng Kung University
Chen, Zhourong (Hong Kong) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Cheng, Changqing (United States) Oklahoma State University
Cheong, Jae Sook (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Chopra, Nidhi (India) Indira Gandhi National Open University
Chrysikos, Theofilos (Greece) University of Patras
Ciongaru, Emilian (Romania) University Bioterra Bucharest; Romanian Academy - Institute of Legal Researches
Clemente, Fabrizio (Italy) National Research Council
Colmenares Zamora, Laybet (Venezuela) Carabobo University
Cunha, Jácome (Portugal) The University of Minho
Curran, Kevin (United Kingdom) University of Ulster
Czarnecki, Adam (Poland) Gdansk University of Technology
Dai, Weizhong (United States) Louisiana Tech University
Daliri, Mohammad Reza (Iran) Iran University of Science and Technology
Danek, Amory H. (Germany) Ludwig-Maximilians University
Das, Srijan (France) Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
Dasinger, Sheryl (United States) Sheryl Boland Dasinger
Daunys, Gintautas (Lithuania) Siauliai University
Dave, Kunjan (United States) Univeristy of Miami Miller
De Campos, Luiz (Brazil) Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo
De Loor, Pierre (France) Brest National School of Engineering
De Moura Ramos, José Joaquim (Spain) Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of A Coruña
Deliyska, Boryana (Bulgaria) University of Forestry
Dhaliwal, Balwinder S (India) Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
Di Pasquale, Adriano (Italy) Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise
Di Sarli, Valeria (Italy) National Research Council
Diack, Moustapha (United States) Southern University System
Díaz, Katerine (Spain) Autonomous University of Barcelona
Díaz-Valladares, Ramón (Mexico) Montemorelos University
Dijkstra, Jan (Netherlands) Eindhoven University of Technology
Divandari, Mohammad (Iran) Islamic Azad University
Dobrila, Peter Tomaz (Slovenia) Association for Culture and Education KIBLA
D'oria, Rosli (Malaysia) Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
Dratwa, Robert E. (United States) University of Phoenix
Dubey, S. S. (India) IBM India pvt ltd
El-Khatib, Youssef (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Elwany, Hamdy (Egypt) Alexandria University
Erkollar, Alptekin (Austria) Education Training Consulting Organisation and Process
Etedali, Mohammad Mehdi (Kuwait) Kuwait University
Everson, Howard (United States) Center for Advanced Study in Education
Fabrizio, Monica (Italy) Italian National Council of Research
Farhat, Ahmadshah (Iran) Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Fathi, Mohammadhossein (Iran) Isfahan University of Technology
Fattahi, Jaouhar (Canada) Laval University
Feng, Xiaodong (China) University of Science and Technology Beijing
Ferreira, Luís (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave
Ferry, Barbara (France) Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Fislake, Martin (Germany) University of Koblenz
Fornari, Javier (Argentina) National Technological University
Fornari, Javier (Argentina) Rafaela National University
Freitas, Maria (Brazil) Federal Univeristy of Paraná
Fronza, Carlos (Brazil) Federal University of São Paulo
Fu, Hong (Hong Kong) Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Fu, Xiuju (Singapore) Institute of High Performance Computing
Ganapathi, Nanthini (United States) Research Triangle Institute
García-Reyes, Edel (Cuba) Center for Advanced Technologies Application
Gebeshuber, Ille C. (Austria) Vienna University of Technology
Gomes, Rui Manuel (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo
González-Cantón, César (Spain) University College of Financial Studies
Gregory, Michelle (United States) Pacific Northwest National Lab
Grilo, Marcos (Brazil) Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana
Groen, Martin (United Kingdom) University of Bristol
Gun, Mukadder (Turkey) Ufuk University School of Medicine
Guo, Fan (United States) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Guo, Zhen (United States) Yahoo Labs
Gupta Choudhury, Mahua (India) North-Eastern Hill University
Hall, William P. (Australia) University of Melbourne
Hardy, Christopher (United States) Defense Acquisition University
Hasanuzzaman, Md. (Bangladesh) University of Dhaka
Hatam, Salar (Iran) Kermanshah Razi University
Heistracher, Thomas (Austria) Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
Hermann, Caroll (South Africa) University of Zululand
Hinis, Evangelos (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Hirose, Hideo (Japan) Kyushu Institute od Technology
Hk, Chethan (India) University of Mysore
Homenda, Wladyslaw (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Horne, Jeremy (United States) Maricopa Community College
Hsu, Liwei (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism
Hu, Nan (United States) University of Utah
Huang, Zixia (United States) Google Inc.
Huget, Marc-Philippe (France) The University of Savoy
Hung, Shao-Shin (Taiwan) WuFeng University
Hwang, Eun Jin (United States) Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Iazzi, Abderrazak (Morocco) University Mohammed V
Isham, Eve (United States) University of California, Davis
Ishikawa, Yasushige (Japan) Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Ivanov, Sergiu (Romania) University of Craiova
Jagathy Raj, V. P. (India) Cochin University of Science and Technology
Janev, Valentina (Serbia) The Mihajlo Pupin Institute
Jia, Pengfei (China) Southwest University
Jiménez Rodríguez, Lourdes (Spain) University of Alcala
Jung, Hanmin (South Korea) Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Jura, Jakub (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Kalogiannakis, Michail (Greece) University of Crete
Kaneko, Kunihiko (Japan) Kyushu University
Kang, Kyeong (Australia) University of Technology Sydney
Kanishcheva, Olga (Ukraine) National Technical University
Kao, Fu-Chien (Taiwan) Da-Yeh University
Khachidze, Manana (Georgia) I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Khalaf, Walaa (Italy) University of Calabria
Khodarahimi, Siamak (Iran) Islamic Azad University, Eghlid Branch
Kiss, Gabor (Hungary) Obuda University
Kitowski, Jacek (Poland) AGH University of Science and Technology
Kizilay, Esra (Turkey) Erciyes University
Kneavel, Meredith (United States) Chestnut Hill College
Kolaric, Branko (Belgium) University of Mons
Kor, Ah-Lian (United Kingdom) Leeds Beckett University
Kotsiantis, Sotiris (Greece) University of Patras
Kulasekaran, Sivakumar (United States) University of Texas at Austin
Kurkowski, Miroslaw (Poland) Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
Lacroix, Joyca (Netherlands) Philips Research
Lakhoua, Mohamed Najeh (Tunisia) University of Carthage
Laowattana, Djitt (Thailand) King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Lapina, Inga (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Lebre, Marie-Ange (France) Institut Pascal
Leger, Paul (Chile) Catholic University of the North
Leitner, Stephan (Austria) Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Lertvittayakumjorn, Piyawat (United Kingdom) Imperial College London
Li, Wencheng (United States) University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Li, Xiaoou (Mexico) Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN
Li, Yanpeng (United States) University of Massachusetts Medical School
Liu, Tingyang (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung Normal University
Lopes, Eurico (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco
Lu, Ta-Te (Taiwan) Chien Shin University of Science and Technology
Lu, Tzu-Chuen (Taiwan) Chaoyang University of Technology
Luo, Yi (United States) University of Michigan
M, Kamarasan (India) Annmalai University
Ma, Jingran (United States) Praxair
Mahmood, Sozan (Iraq) Sulaimani University
Maji, Pabitra (India) B. C. College
Makris, Nikolaos (Greece) Democritus University of Thrace
Malikov, Andrey (Russian Federation) North Caucasus Federal University
Maloney, Maria (Ireland) Trinity College Dublin
Mantzaris, Dimitrios (Greece) Democritus University of Thrace
Marchiori, Francesca (Italy) Centro Sviluppo Materiali
Margelevicius, Mindaugas (Lithuania) Vilnius University
Masari, Gianina-Ana (Romania) Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Masuko, Mayumi (Japan) Waseda University
Matetic, Maja (Croatia) University of Rijeka
Mazhar, Suleman (Pakistan) Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute
Medina-Domínguez, Fuensanta (Spain) Carlos III University
Messer, Rachel (United States) Oklahoma State University
Methaneethorn, Jutima (Thailand) Lampang Rajabhat University
Mishra, Vimal (India) Uttar Pradesh Technical University
Mohelnikova, Jitka (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Mohtashami, Mojgan (United States) Advanced Infrastructure Design
Moss, Laura (United Kingdom) University of Glasgow
Mubin, Ashirul (United States) The University of Alabama
Mugellesi Dow, Roberta (Germany) European Space Agency
Nadarajan Assari Syamala, Sarath Raj (United Arab Emirates) Amity University
Nain, Neeta (India) Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
Najibi, Nasser (China) University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Napoles, Michael Art (Philippines) MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Nassif, Nabil (Lebanon) American University of Beirut
Natu, Prachi (India) NMIMS University
Naveen, Nekuri (India) Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering
Netak, Laxman (India) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University
Nguyen, Vu (Belgium) Université Catholique de Louvain
Niu, Baoning (China) Taiyuan University of Technology
Nleya, Bakhe (South Africa) Durban University of Technology
Norrholm, Seth (United States) Emory University
Nuno, Pablo (Mexico) Popular Autonomous University of Puebla State
Oberer, Birgit (Austria) University of Klagenfurt
Oliveira e Sá, Jorge (Portugal) University of Minho
Olszewska, Joanna (United Kingdom) University of Huddersfield
Omidvar, Hedayat (Iran) National Iranian Gas Company
Oneto, Luca (Italy) University of Genoa
Ooi, Shih Yin (Malaysia) Multimedia University
Orduña-Cabrera, Fernando (Mexico) Superior Institute of Technology Cajeme
Orduña-Cabrera, Fernando (Austria) International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Othman, Ahmed (Canada) University of Waterloo
Özel, Gamze (Turkey) Hacettepe University
P Shenoy, Revathi (India) Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Pacheco, Gefeson Mendes (Brazil) Aeronautical Institute of Technology
Padhee, Swati (United States) Kno.e.sis Center
Paraguay, Ana Isabel (Brazil) Officio Ergonomia Ltda.
Pedraza, Julio (Cuba) Central University
Peralta, Claudia (United States) Boise State University
Pérez, Beatriz (Spain) University of La Rioja
Petit, Frederic (United States) Polytechnic Montreal
Picholle, Eric (France) University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Pickering, Brian (United Kingdom) University of Southampton
Pinto, Alessandro (United States) United Technologies Research Center
Pisu, Claudia (Italy) University of Cagliari
Pitso, Teboho (South Africa) Vaal University of Technology
Potuzak, Tomas (Czech Republic) University of West Bohemia
Qaqish, Ra'Ed (Jordan) American University of Madaba
Qiao, Shaojie (China) Southwest Jiaotong University
Quaye-Ballard, Jonathan (China) Hohai University
R, Ramesh (India) Anna University
Radev, Ivan (United States) South Carolina State University
Radha, P. (India) Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
Radneantu, Nicoleta (Romania) Romanian-American University
Rahaman, Sophia (United Arab Emirates) Manipal Academy of Higher Education - Dubai
Raiyn, Jamal (Israel) Al Qasemi Academic College
Raman, Venki (United States) Protium Energy Technologies
Rao, Ashwini (India) Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering
Ratchagit, Kreangkri (Thailand) Maejo University
Raveica, Gabriela (Romania) University of Bacău
Riaz Moghal, Mohammad (Pakistan) University of Engineering & Technology
Richardson, Joanna (Australia) Griffith University (Retired)
Rocha, Alan (India) National Institute of Technical Teachers´ Training and Research
Rodda, Sireesha (India) GITAM University
Rodrigues, Joao (Portugal) University of Madeira
Rodríguez, Ricardo (Mexico) Technological University of Ciudad Juarez
Rodríguez Martínez, Antonio (Mexico) Autonomous University of the State of Morelos
Röhrbein, Florian (Germany) Technical University of Munich
Romão, Luiz (Brazil) University of the Region of Joinville
Rubin, Stuart (United States) Naval Informataion Warfare Center
Russo, Maria Teresa (Italy) Roma Tre University
S, Haseena (India) Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
Saeedi, Mohammadhossein (United States) Texas Tech University
Sakhnini, Lama (Bahrain) University of Bahrain
Samantaray, S. D. (India) Pant University
Sánchez Crespo, Luis Enrique (Spain) Sicaman Nuevas Tecnologias S.L.
Sasidharan, Priya (India) MEASI Academy of Architecture
Sathyamoorthy, Dinesh (Malaysia) Science & Technology Research Institute for Defence
Saylan Kırmızıgül, Aslı (Turkey) Erciyes University
Schulz, Hans-Jörg (Denmark) Department of Computer ScienceAarhus University
Schwandt, David (United States) The George Washington University
Senerchia, Rory (United States) Johnson & Wales University
Senette, Caterina (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Sengupta, Dipanjan (United States) Intel Labs
Seta, Luciano (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Sharma, Durga (India) Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management
Sheedy, Caroline (Ireland) Dundalk IT
Shen, Yilin (United States) University of Florida
Shiraishi, Yoshiaki (Japan) Nagoya Institute of Technology
Sidhom, Sahbi (France) University of Lorraine
Silva, Marcelo (Brazil) Brazilian Federal Police
Silva, Nuno (Portugal) Critical Software, S.A.
Sinha, Rajesh Kumar (India) Manipal University
Sinkunas, Stasys (Lithuania) Kaunas University of Technology
Sivakumar, K. (India) Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya University
Skaljo, Edvin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) BH Telecom
Smiti, Abir (Tunisia) University of Tunis
Snow, Richard (United States) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Sokolov, Sergey (Russian Federation) Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Stark, Azadeh (United States) Geisinger Health System
Sungur Ergenoglu, Asli (Turkey) Yildiz Technical University
Surendra, Poonia (India) Central Arid Zone Research Institute
Suresh, Ramasu (United States) RTI International
Suri, Ishrat (Saudi Arabia) Dar Al Hekma College
Svob Strac, Dubravka (Croatia) Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Swamy, Dorairanga (India) Vinayaka Mission University
Sylaiou, Stella (Greece) Hellenic Open University
Szulman, Sylvie (France) University of Paris Nord
Tai, Wei (Ireland) Trinity College Dublin
Tan, Tse Guan (Malaysia) Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
Tang, Qi (United States) Cornell University
Tannous, Katia (Brazil) State University of Campinas
Terauchi, Mutsuhiro (Japan) Hiroshima International University
Teshome, Assefa Kassa (Ethiopia) Mekelle University
Thanakijkasem, Purit (Thailand) King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Thiare, Ousmane (Senegal) University Gaston Berger
Torres, Carmen (Uruguay) University of the Republic
Torres Herrera, Juan Pablo (Mexico) Autonomous University of Baja California
Torres-Huitzil, César (Mexico) Center for Research and Advanced Studies of National Polytechnic Institute
Trillo Lado, Raquel (Spain) University of Zaragoza
Tropmann-frick, Marina (Germany) Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Tselykh, Alexey (Russian Federation) Southern Federal University
Tuama, Amel (Iraq) Northern Technical University
Turkan, Semra (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Uddin, Ikram (Pakistan) University of Haripur
Valera, Salvador (Spain) University of Granada
Vardakas, John (Spain) Iquadrat
Vasilache, Simona (Japan) University of Tsukuba
Vasiu, Radu (Romania) Polytechnic University of Timișoara
Vaughan, Brian (Ireland) Dublin Institute of Technology
Vayvay, Özalp (Turkey) Marmara University
Vaz-Rebelo, Piedade (Portugal) University of Coimbra
Ventzas, Dimitrios (Greece) University of Thessaly
Vora, Rahul (India) B.H. Gardi College of Engineering and Technology
Wang, Chunyan (United States) Stanford University
Wang, Di (United States) State University of New York at Buffalo
Wang, Guangtao (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Wang, Juan (United States) Delta Micro technology Inc
Wang, Yu-Mei (United States) University of Alabama at Birmingham
Wang, Zhaohui (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Wen, Jian (United States) University of California, Riverside
Wilson, Jeanine (United States) Houston Independent School District
Wögerer, Christian (Austria) Profactor GmbH
Wolfengagen, Viacheslav (Russian Federation) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Wu, Huaming (China) Tianjin University
Wu, Wen-Yen (Taiwan) I-Shou University
Xing, Cong-Cong (United States) Nicholls State University
Xu, Haotian (United States) Wayne State University
Yagoub, Yousif Elnour (Sudan) University of Khartoum
Yang, Shanhu (United States) University of Cincinnati
Ye, Wenxing (United States) Google Inc.
Yoo, Yoon-Sik (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Zainon Hamzah, Zaitul Azma (Malaysia) Putra Malaysia University
Zakarija, Ivona (Croatia) University of Dubrovnik
Zander, Stefan (Germany) Research Center for Computer Science
Zerajic, Stanko (Serbia) University of Nis
Zghal, Sami (Tunisia) University of Jendouba
Zhang, He (Finland) Aalto University
Zhang, Xikang (United States) Northeastern UniversityMicrosoft
Zhao, Xinghui (United States) Washington State University
Zhao, Xuejiao (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Zharikov, Eduard (Ukraine) National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
Zimmermann, Alfred (Germany) Reutlingen University
Zuva, Keneilwe (Botswana) University of Botswana

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