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Special Track on
Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics: RMCI 2023©
in the context of
The 27th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2023©
September 12 - 15, 2023  ~  Virtual Conference
Organized by IIIS
in Orlando, Florida, USA.
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  About the Special Track


Risk management has been related, in increasing degree, to Informatics and Cybernetics. Today, almost every organization depends on Information and Communications Technologies. Software and networks supporting organizational everyday activities must be reliable, secure and safe. Flawed or failed software can present severe organizational and business risks that include liability costs, productivity loss, quality decreasing, brand damage, revenue loss, etc. Simultaneously, cyber crimes (cyber frauds, sensible data protection, etc.) and liability in the electronic workplace are requiring, with increasing urgency, an adequate risk management. Consequently, Organizational/business risk management is increasingly including informatics and cybernetics in their planning and activities. And vice versa, Informatics and Cybernetics technologies, concepts and theories are increasingly being used in risk managements research, consulting, studies, projects, training, and activities.

Accordingly, the main purpose of the Special Track on Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics (RMCI 2023) is to bring together researchers, practitioners and consultants from both Risk Management areas and informatics and cybernetics fields and disciplines to presents results of their research, as well as their problems and solutions in Risk Management, the reciprocal applications between both field. And the application of both fields in other areas. Consequently, the major areas of the track are:

  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management in Informatics and Cybernetics
  • Applications of Informatics and Cybernetics to Risk Management problems and solutions
  • Applications of Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics (RMCI)
    • Applications of RMCI in Energy Systems, Technologies, procedures and Methodologies
    • Applications of RMCI in Economics and Finance
    • Applications of RMCI in the War on Terrorism
    • Other Applications of RMCI

Acceptance decisions related to submitted papers will be based on their respective content review and/or on the respective authors CV. Invited papers will not be reviewed and their acceptance decision will be based on the topic and the respective authors CV.


Special Tracks

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