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The 27th World Multi-Conference on
Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2023©
September 12 - 15, 2023
Organized by IIIS
in Orlando, Florida, USA.
*** Submissions for VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION are now open ***

  Program Committee

The Program Committee is mostly formed by 1) the authors of the sessions' best papers of WMSCI 2022 ; 2) its effective invited session organizers who also were co-editors of the conference proceedings; and 3) some members of past WMSCI Conferences, who were also authors of best papers. (Those who manifested no interest in participating in the Program Committee have been removed).

Honorary Chair:
 William Lesso  

Adamopoulou, Evgenia (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Alam, Delwar (Bangladesh) Daffodil International University
Alanís Urquieta, José D. (Mexico) Technological University of Puebla
Alhayyan, Khalid N. (Saudi Arabia) Institute of Public Administration
Andersen, J. C. (United States) The University of Tampa
Batos, Vedran (Croatia) University of Dubrovnik
Bernikova, Olga (Russian Federation) St. Petersburg State University
Bönke, Dietmar (Germany) Reutlingen University
Bubnov, Alexey (Czech Republic) Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Cárdenas, José (Ecuador) University of Guayaquil
Castro, John W. (Chile) University of Atacama
Chen, Jingchao (China) University Donghua
Chiang, Po-Yun (Taiwan) The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan R.O.C.
Chou, Te-Shun (United States) East Carolina University
Chukwu, Ozoemena Joseph (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Ciemleja, Guna (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Cilliers, Liezel (South Africa) University of Fort Hare
Dantas de Rezende, Julio F. (United States) Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Dyck, Sergius (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation
Edwards, Matthew E. (United States) Alabama A&M University
Eremina, Yuliya (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Farah, Tanjila (Bangladesh) North South University
Fries, Terrence P. (United States) Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Gaile-Sarkane, Elina (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Haba, Cristian-Gyözö (Romania) "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi
Haferkorn, Daniel (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation
Hanacek, Petr (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Hassan, Md. Maruf (Bangladesh) Daffodil International University
Hendel, Russell J. (United States) Towson University
Hilkevics, Sergejs (Latvia) Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
Hsiao, Jung (United States) SMS Infocomm Corporation
Hu, Wen-Chen (United States) University of North Dakota
Ismail, Zainab Z. (Iraq) University of Baghdad
Jakubik, Maria (Finland) Ronin Institute, Montclair, New Jersey, USA
Jaros, Jiri (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Jenq, John (United States) Montclair State University
Jenq, Priscilla (United States) Carnegie Mellon University
Jiménez, Ricardo (United States) Barry University
Kabwende, Benjamin Ngongo (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Khan, Salam (United States) Alabama A&M University
Kocmanova, Alena (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Lamr, Marián (Czech Republic) Technical University of Liberec
Lapina, Inga (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Leclerc-Sherling, Christine (United States) ASTRACS
Lo, Yen-Fen (Taiwan) Shih Chien University
Lo, Yen-Hsi (Taiwan) Shih Chien University
Lu, Shen (United States) University of South Florida
Makarov, Alexander (Austria) Technische Universität Wien
Mendoza Rojas, Hubert James (Peru) Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Meyer, Heiko (Germany) Warsaw Management University
Mohammed, Ali J. (Iraq) Ministry of Construction and Housing
Naito, Katsuhiro (Japan) Aichi Institute of Technology
Nemecek, Petr (Czech Republic) Newton College
Oganisjana, Karine (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Orantes-Jiménez, Sandra-Dinora (Mexico) Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Ozolins, Modris (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Pando Álvarez, Rosa (Peru) Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Pavlakova Docekalova, Marie (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Pickard, John (United States) East Carolina University
Redkin, Oleg (Russian Federation) St. Petersburg State University
Rodríguez, Nancy (Spain) Autonomous University of Madrid
Sánchez Flores, Guillermo (Mexico) Technological University of Puebla
Sander, Jennifer (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation
Scappini, Reinaldo (Argentina) National Technological University
Schaetter, Alfred (Germany) Pforzheim University
Segall, Richard S. (United States) Arkansas State University
Shiraishi, Yoshiaki (Japan) Kobe University
Silva-Valencia, Javier (Peru) Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Singh, Harwinder (India) Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
Skrbek, Jan (Czech Republic) Technical University of Liberec
Sohn, Han Suk (United States) New Mexico State University
Sturgill, Ronda (United States) The University of Tampa
Šulc, Jaromír (Czech Republic) University of Pardubice
Sun, Baolin (China) Wuhan University
Sverdlov, Viktor (Austria) Technische Universität Wien
Szygenda, Stephen A. (United States) Suuthern Methodist University
Tanaka, Katsuyuki (Japan) Aichi Institute of Technology
Tsubaki, Michiko (Japan) University of Electro-Communications
Velázquez-Araque, Luis (Ecuador) University of Guayaquil
Vrána, Stanislav (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Windbacher, Thomas (Austria) Technische Universität Wien
Yang, Zining (United States) ACERTAS
Yoshida, Naofumi (Japan) Komzawa University
Zaman, Moniruz (Bangladesh) Daffodil International University

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